Social Freedom Coaching

Hey! Freddy here.

For you who are extra serious about the social prison breakout, I can provide you personal attention, and make sure to get you on the path towards social freedom.

Let’s face it… having someone to keep you accountable on your journey out of the social prison will multiply your chance of success.

And if that accountability partner happens to be an ex-sufferer of social phobia who not only got rid of it, but gained so much social freedom that he could pick up girls while he was naked, for three months uninterrupted, you know that you’re going to get results.

Only a handful of spots are open since I will spend a great amount of time on each student.

Project Social Prison Breakout 12-Week Program 

This is how we’re going to make sure that you escape the social prison.

  • SA Strip-Down Blueprint – 70 videos and 50 articles. Contains the exercises and everything you need to know to break out of social anxiety.
  • 12 private sessions with me, once per week, for 30-75 minutes
    • We design a unique program for you to fit your background, personality and goals, to make sure you break out of your social anxiety/prison
    • If you feel confused on the challenging path, take advantage of my 10 years of experience on the “tao of social freedom” and ask me all the questions you want
  • You’re free to send me unlimited messages and questions you want and I will reply within 24 hours. 
    • You may also call me in situations where you really need immediate guidance, and if I’m available I’ll pick up and be there for you. 
  • Weekly Facebook Mastermind live meetings with me and the other clients (optional)

Enrollment fee: $2997 or 3 payments of $1047

Here’s how to apply for the Social Prison Breakout 12-Week Program

Step 1. Do this personality test so I know how to approach our potential work together:

Step 2. Answer these questions here: ApplicationCoaching (1)

Step 3. Email the application to

Looking forward to receive your application.