Are You Freddy’s CHOSEN ONE For a 10-Week Social Excellence Transformation?

Does the fear of what other people think of you hold you back in your social life?

Finally Get Rid of Social Anxiety. Get People-Pulling Charisma. Attract Beautiful Women Without Saying a Word. Feel Grounded and comfortable with who you are, and become a social superstar. 

  1. Here’s the  application form
  2. Take this personality test and take a screenshot of your result:
  3. Email me the filled out application form and the personality test result screenshot to Let me know a time you can meet me on Skype/video call
  4. You will hear from me soon

I get it… Not being able to do be yourself or do what you want in life because of the fear of what other people think of you, is the worst place to be in existence. I call this state of mind The Social Prison.

But don’t worry, it’s very common.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you REALLY want to break free?

You probably know that free yourself from social fear will be a huge relief and that life will be way more awesome.

And it probably makes sense to you that you need to make certain changes in your life to make that happen.

You probably agree that having a mentor who has “been there done that” would give you that extra edge.

And especially if that mentor is a guy who went from social anxiety to picking up girls with confidence “and beyond”.

What if you could be embraced under the wings of this man, and fly with him towards the land of social freedom?

Are you THE ONE? The ONE coming Social Hero?

Here’s the world news…

I’m opening up ONE spot for a lucky bastard for a 10-week Social Freedom mentorship.

Why just one spot?

I want to BE 100% SURE THIS DUDE GETS RESULTS. And not only results, but a real, bonafied lasting TRANSFORMATION.


Over 100 people have acquired (and benefited tremendously from) the Social Anxiety Strip-Down Formula, which is great, and I’ve receive many messages from people who massively gained confidence and reduced social fear.

Right now, I want to not just have a quantitative positive impact with lots of guys, but have a quality transformational impact on one person. 

I want to explore personal 1-on-1 work and ENSURE the success of my student. 

So, I’m taking in applications for becoming my one and only client over the next 10 weeks (!). If you’re a guy who wants to rid yourself of social shyness and/or anxiety and get customized, in-depth coaching and close follow-up for 10 weeks by someone who has gone the route himself, you should apply for the special seat here.

You have a real chance here to align with your inner social superstar. It doesn’t matter how socially imprisoned you feel now. Anyone can feel great about themselves and exuberate that energy outwards. Yes, you too!

I’m looking for An ACTION TAKER who is HUNGRY and willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to GET RESULTS.

If you bought my SA Strip-Down Formula breaking down the formula and actually put it into action, you would do well. But what if I gave you a tailored plan designed for YOU, YOUR personality, YOUR goals, and DAILY COMMUNICATION with me over 10 full weeks, with constant focus on a transformation of YOU. That would most definitely skyrocket your chances of success, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here’s the announcement: “Freddy Fairhair presents…”

PROJECT NEO: Be The One to Hang Under Freddy’s Wings For a 10-Week Transformational Journey. 

For 10 Weeks I guide you towards a life of social, psychological and spiritual freedom…

Believe me, I know how it is to struggle with social fear.

I had social phobia (on paper), felt crippled in social situations, avoided the cafeteria and especially the girls – they horrified me. After HARD work on my confidence, a lot of sweat, not so much blood, but a lot of tears, pushing my social fears, I came out on the other side feeling comfortable around people, with attention, and beyond 😉 In this process of overcome social anxiety and going way beyond, I left no rock unturned. I like sharing insights of wisdom on my Youtube channel, but I also want to give direct HELP and PERSONAL PRESENCE to a few people who are hungry for growth.

Here’s my epic social phobia “diploma” from my Psychiatrist:

Long story short, I eventually broke free:

I went through a period of just pushing my comfort zone to the maximum:

These cute and sexy moments would never happen if I didn’t break free from social fear and insecurity:

What Will PROJECT NEO Do For You?

If you get picked for Project Social Hero I’ll give you The GOLDEN KEY and my own PERSONAL ATTENTION to free you from the social insecurity, skyrocket your confidence, self-esteem and social charisma.  It’s just you and me, buddy. Together we will take the walk the path to social freedom.

In Project Neo you will be Freddy’s closest brother for 10 weeks, and have access to his wisdom of 10 years of social freedom work, and four years of helping guys out of the social prison.

How You and Freddy will walk the path to social freedom:

Nick’s Stuttering Is Disappearing

Meet Nick. My current social hero in making. He has been stuttering since he was 12 years old.

Here’s the voice message he showed me after just a few weeks of work together (the same work structure you and I will follow in Project Neo!):

Nate has realized that his stuttering is almost directly linked with his self-acceptance. As we are working on his self-acceptance, he’s becoming, surely, more speech fluent.

Nate is a man of ACTION. He asks me what he should do, I tell him what I think, and he does it. Why does he take action? Because getting rid of his stutter (or, accepting HIMSELF so that that he starts speaking fluently) is IMPORTANT to him.

So. Are you hungry for a change?

I’m looking for a Hero who is DEDICATED, whether your area of focus is to grow confidence, self-esteem, raise your social vibration, social skills or be more attractive to women. All these areas of focus are connected.


  1. Fill out this application form
  2. Take this personality test and take a screenshot of your result:
  3. Email me the filled out application form and the personality test result screenshot to Let me know a time you can meet me on Skype/video call
  4. You will hear from me very soon

I only want to help someone who is SERIOUS and who wants a REAL TRANSFORMATION. Success in your confidence/social life should be the #1 thing you’re daydreaming about in order for me to know that you will do what it takes to transform.


It’s simple: I will pick the one I know I can help the best.


My coaching is tailor-made and I work with a wide rage of different clients. Some are financially successful while others are on their last savings. If I told you one sum right now you may not have applied because it could be a sum either too high for you or too low for you to believe in the value of the program. The financial investment backs up the emotional investment. Often the investment will determine how serious the student will take the program, how serious I will take the coaching, and therefore how successful the student will be in the end.

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