I’ll PERSONALLY Guide You Towards Social Freedom… For Only a Caffe Latte Per Day

I’ll PERSONALLY Guide You Towards Social Freedom… For Only a Cafe Latte Per Day!

… Skip the coffee and join me towards social freedom. Coffee gives you more social social anxiety anyway!

Does the fear of what other people think of you stop you from saying and doing what you want in life? 

I call this state of mind the social prison: Not able to do be yourself or do what you want in life because of the fear of what other people think of you.

But don’t worry, it’s very common.

But let me ask you a question… wouldn’t it feel great to break free?

You probably know that it would be a great relief and that life would be way more fun.

And it probably makes sense to you that you need to make changes in your life for that to happen.

I’m sure it makes sense yo you that you need guidance from people who have broken out of the social prison.


And it probably makes sense to you that having a support system of likeminded people will help you get you more courage and motivation. Thus faster and greater results.

You may also know that having a mentor who has “been there done that” would give you that extra edge.

And especially if that mentor is a guy who went from social anxiety to picking up girls naked “and beyond”.

What if you could be under the wings of this crazy guy, and fly towards the land of social freedom? All for the price of a Cafe Latte per day?

Sounds like a joke?

Hey, I’m Freddy. I suffered from social anxiety. Here’s my epic social phobia “diploma”:


Long story short, I eventually broke free.


This is not a joke.

I want to help people get free. And I want it to be affordable for you.

So I’ll give you The GOLDEN KEY to free yourself from the social prison, support from other hungry social freedom seekers and my own PERSONAL ATTENTION. All for the price of a daily Cafe Late for 2 months! For the record, the price of a cafe late at Starbucks is $2.95. So I priced the WHOLE program, everything included, for ridiculous $179. I reduced it to $179 to be able to match a Cafe Late per day, the cheapest cup of coffee on the Starbucks menu.


Let me introduce to you to…

The Social Freedom Masterclass


The Social Anxiety Strip-Down Blueprint. This is a video course where I guide you step-by-step towards social freedom.

The BLUEPRINT consists of BOTH the SA Strip-Down Formula (for sale for $47) AND the SA Strip-Down Advanced Membership ($47 per month), which will all be included in Social Freedom Masterclass.


6 months membership in the Social Freedom Vikings tribe

You will also be supported by a group of other hungry social freedom masterclass students in our exclusive Facebook group, “Social Freedom Vikings”. Here you can ask questions out loud, post about the results you’re proud of, or read other students’ motivational insights and stories. I will also be active here, of course. In the Facebook group I will alsohost live streams where I will have lectures and answer your questions!

Value of the membership: 6x$47/month = $282 (all included when you join the Social Freedom Masterclass)

And it gets even better…

To give you the best possible chance to reach social freedom…

I’ll be your private guide for 8 weeks!

This means, you will get access to my private Facebook where you can send me unlimited messages for 8 weeks. I will answer when I’m available, which is usually within a day or 2, but at least every week, depending on how busy the demand is. Due to increasing demand I probably have to take this feature down very soon, so if you want to use me you need to enroll ASAP.

And Heaven Forbid, it gets EVEN better

1 Private 1-on-1 Social Freedom Master Session

You will get a Private 1-on-1 Social Freedom Master Session with me on Skype. Here’s what we will cover in that session:

  • You tell me your situation
  • You tell me what results you desire (Do you want to be able to chat up ladies? More friends? Just feel more comfortable around people? Be the center of attention? The courage to go for your dreams?)
  • We make a PLAN that fits YOUR personality, situation and desires
  • Then it’s all up to you, with great support from other students and I, to complete the plan and fulfill your dreams of social freedom!

The price of a session like this is $200 on my website, but you will get this for FREE in the program. And you will also get support from me and other students after the call! I will probably have to take this feature down soon due to increasing demand, so be quick on the trigger!


Here’s What The Program Will Do For You

  • Feel better talking on the phone with people
  • Feel fine when speaking in public, and actually excell
  • Feel great talking to the opposite sex, and spice up your dating life
  • Feel confident in job interviews
  • Dare to ask your boss for a raise
  • Overcome the fear of authority
  • Live the lifestyle you want despite what your parents and friends think
  • Travel the world while raising your confidence
  • Learn how to become more assertive

Recap of The Program

In the Social Freedom Masterclass you will get access to the SA Strip-Down Blueprint, which is my total blueprint on how to get rid of social anxiety, shyness and nervousness around people (and women if you’re heterosexual).

And it’s not a program where I’ll just throw you out on the street and make you pee your pants. If you feel ready to savage the streets, the office or the bars, great. But we’re also going way deeper than that.

In the program you’ll realize The One Goddamn Thing that’ll take you out of social anxiety. This is an “Emotional Intelligence breakthrough”, that will AUTOMATICALLY make you more confident, free and social.

You’ll change your relationship with your anxiety, so that it can run out of your system. If you’re demonizing your social anxiety, you will keep repressing and collect more anxiety, and you will have a harder and harder time around people. So, we’re making sure that your body can let the anxiety run out.

The Blueprint holds the key that will strip down your social anxiety once and for all, if you use it! 

The cause of your social anxiety is DEEP, and it requires an open mind and deep reflection.

So please, come into the course with an open mind and a strong intention.

Be ready to have all your beliefs shattered. Is that a deal?

Empty your cup. And all caffe lattes the next two months!


In 70 videos and 40 articles, here’s what you will learn

  • How to conquer your fear of approaching beautiful women, with just a pen, paper and 30 seconds per day
  • How to crush your social anxiety through FUN activities like TRAVELING. Learn how to travel cheap, meet wonderful people, exotic women, eat great food and have the time of your life. I’ll show you how you can travel so cheap that you may even SAVE more money than if you stayed home.
  • That you can be very attractive to women, even if you’re introverted/self conscious, and have social anxiety
  • How to train your ability to NOT run out of things to talk about
  • Discover your STRENGTHS. People with social anxiety and introversion have certain abilities that’ll make them successful in areas of life where the “normals” stand no chance.
  • How to deal with sweating, shaking and stuttering
  • How to multiply your social anxiety healing by 10 times
  • How to overcome the fear of being alone
  • How to reduce stress in your life by saying this one word to people
  • How to make it way easier to do the things that scares you
  • How to become the “King of The Party”, without needing to being genius, funny or clever at all
  • How to find social freedom by doing the most introverted activity on the planet!
  • Discover joy and peace within YOURSELF rather than out in THINGS, EVENTS and PEOPLE, which makes you less socially needy and will actually make you enjoy things, events and people even more.

And much more!


What You’ll Get When You Enroll The Social Freedom Masterclass

  • SA Strip-Down Formula: Complete system with 45 videos and 40 articles
    • Everything on my heart regarding the journey out of SA and towards Social Freedom
  • SA Strip-Down Advanced Membership: 20 More videos with advanced secrets and techniques
  • Get Invited to Our Exclusive “Social Freedom Vikings” Facebook tribe
    • Listen to insights and motivational stories of other seekers
    • Ask questions and get them answered by other students and/or Freddy
    • Participate in live streams hosted by Freddy, where he will answer your questions and hold lectures
  • Get Freddy as Your Personal Social Anxiety Exit Guide For 8 Weeks
    • Get follow-up guidance from Freddy and ask him unlimited questions for the next 8 weeks!
  • Private Social Freedom Master Session With Freddy 


For the price of a Starbucks Cafe Latte per day, you can put yourself on the Exit-train from social anxiety hell and ride towards the land of social freedom! I deliberately reduced the price to match $2.95 per day, which is the exact price of a Cafe Latte at Starbucks.

So, for a total measly investment of $179  you’ll get immediate enrollment in Social Freedom Masterclass and can take the leap towards confidence and social freedom.

Here’s How to Enroll

All you need to do is to click this link here, and you will arrive on a page where you just click “signup” for Social Freedom Masterclass. After you have made the payment, you will get immediate access to the Social Freedom Masterclass area where other hungry Social Freedom Vikings and I will be waiting for you.


Petar Went From Social Anxiety to Getting a Girlfriend in Two Months

Are you the next Petar?

Instead of cafe latte the next 2 months, you can get the KEY to break out of the social prison and live your own life in joy, freedom and wonderful connections with people. I didn’t leave anything off my heart and I gotta say I’m damn proud of this program. And you can join with the price of a Cafe Latte (which gives you more social anxiety anyway!)

Enter the train towards social freedom for only $179. 

Click the button right here, then click “sign up” for “Social Freedom Masterclass”. You can pay with Paypal or with credit card via the other link on the page. The other link might be hard to notice but it’s there. See you inside!

If you have any questions, email me at freddyfairhair@gmail.com

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